Harbour. Pastel. 39cm x 39cm
Mindos. Pastel. 30cm x 22cm
Valbonne. Pastel. 14cm x 25cm








Twelve Apostles,Great Ocean Road. Oil on linen. 100cm x 100cm
Field of Sunflowers. Oil on linen. 100cm x 100cm












Tangariro National Park, NZ. Acrylic on board. 120cm x 67cm.

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  1. Hi John. You probably will not remember me. I worked with Jill Bolderson. We worked together at the Royal originally. Jill went to Women’s and is still working as a Consultant Nurse and I stayed on at the Royal eventually becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Colorectal Cancer and endoscopy. I fully retired A year ago but worked the last few years at Clatterbridge. I think your partners name was Madeline? May have got that wrong. I was also a Stoma Nurse and think she worked for Hollister? A long time ago I came to your house and purchased one of your paintings. I decided to look you up and I really like your harbour painting. Is it sold.? I currently live in the Wirral but come through to Crosby a lot. Hope you are both well and staying safe, kind regards Jane

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